The Blues Club – Coming Soon!

Push your blues guitar playing to the next level

Does any of this sound familiar?

During 20 years of playing the guitar I have experienced these frustrations first hand. I know what it is like to try and learn online, whilst juggling a stressful job and other responsibilities. If you are time poor, you don’t want to waste your time searching the web for answers with variable success at best. You’d rather spend your time playing, learning and improving. 

Introducing the Blues Club

I want you to get the most out of the time you have to practice and play. I want to help you stop:


Push your playing onto the next level

Unlimited Support. Personalised Feedback. Accountability.

The Blues Club will help you to:

This is what you’ll find in the Blues Club to help you push your playing to the next level and develop as a blues guitarist and musician:

In depth video courses

The Blues Club contains a variety of in depth video courses, covering a broad range of topics. Just some of these are as follows:

New courses are added to the Blues Club every month to help support you on your blues guitar playing journey.

Unlimited support

All of the courses come set up with a private messaging system. You can ask me any questions you might have when going through the course material. This ensures your continued progression, and saves you time and frustration.

If you get stuck or have a query, you don’t have to go searching the web for answers. I am always on hand and happy to help!

Downloadable resources

Inside the Club you’ll find a wide range of useful resources that you can download and use to get the most out of your practice. This includes:

New backing tracks and resources are added to the Club each month to keep your practice material fresh and exciting. 

Optional extras

Each week there will be a limited number of slots available for both personalised video feedback and 1-2-1 online guitar lessons. You can book these quickly and easily in the Club member area.  

These make a great choice if you want a greater level of feedback on your playing, or you would like more accountability or support on a particular topic. (These come at an additional cost and are not included in the monthly subscription for the Club)

What makes the Blues Club different?

1.) Access To Expertise

I have played the guitar for almost 20 years. During this time I have performed in some of London’s biggest venues and have taught students from all over the world to play the blues. If you want to find out more about me and my story, you can do so here.

2.) Nothin’ But The Blues

The Blues Club is designed to make you a better blues guitarist. It is focused purely on the blues and blues rock, and covers everything you need to become an amazing blues guitarist. It is run by blues guitarists, for blues guitarists.

3.) Unlimited Support

Get unlimited support on your guitar learning journey. I am always around and on hand to answer your questions and make sure you progress as smoothly and quickly as possibly. I love nothing more than talking about blues and blues guitar!

4.) Breadth 

There are a wide variety of skills that you need to become a great blues guitar player. The Club courses and materials cover all of the broad areas that will help you to push on as a guitarist. We look at lead techniques, rhythm and the theory that will help you to understand your guitar and navigate around the fretboard with freedom. 

5.) Depth

If you have been a reader of the Happy Bluesman for any length of time, then you know that I love to go deep into topics and make sure that no stones are left unturned. 

The courses inside the Club are not designed with the YouTube algorithm in mind. They are intended to give you all of the information you need on any given topic so you can understand it fully and implement it in your playing straight away. 

6.) Optional Extras

We are all different and require different levels of support and accountability. As such, if you want more detailed feedback on your playing or a greater level of support, then each week inside the Club you will have the option to book personalised video feedback or 1-2-1 online guitar lessons. This will ensure you receive the level of support you need to continue to improve as a player. (These come at an additional cost and are not included in the monthly subscription for the Club).

Join the waiting list

Myself and the Happy Bluesman team are currently in the process of filming courses, creating resources and building out an exclusive member’s area for everyone in the Blues Club.

We will be opening the doors to this in January 2022 and are offering this at first to a group of Founding Members.

As a Founding Member you will: