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Hi, all !!!

Oscar here, from Castellón, Spain.

Currently at 45, I started playing guitar at the 4th attempt, when I was 16 yo, basically cowboy chords, but really enjoying playing with family and friends party songs.
Nothing serious, but really fun!!!

But I always admired guitarists that had full domain of the instrument, and always desired to improve my guitar level to intermediate at least, dreaming about being fluently at

So in 2003 I began my journey as a freelance, and the first thing I did was to go to an guitar academy. I went there one and a half year and don’t remember any improvement … Too much working stress on that times !!!

Finally my working and family live allowed me to had some free time, and when COVID arrived, I was one of the first ones to suffer it. I isolated myself for 15 days and the first thing I thought was to take the guitar and amp with me.

Crazy days, plenty of tension as nobody needed nothing about the illness I was sure I had, so playing guitar in the middle of the craziness was the only moments I felt relaxed.

From there I’m 2 years now really engaged with the instrument. I’m learning harmony and guitar techniques on an academy with really good teachers, and feel that now I have to realise my dream of freely improvising, specifically in Blues !!!

And here I am, enjoying the excellent detail of Aidan newsletters, that have convinced me to take part on this community.

So let’s celebrate we’re here together learning to improve on the music we love.