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Howdy, just read Johnny & Oscar’s posts so thought I jump in too. 1st, Aiden. Fantastic course. Engaging teaching. Thank you. I’ve tried other courses but they were all content no sincerity. (My thoughts anyway)
I have questions on my tone quest but 1st a quick introduction. I’m 52 been playing since I was 11, self taught,
so very very rough, seriously played in bands for couple years but always ended up as the singer not guitarist.
Got married, 5 kids, now 3 grand kids and I’m enjoying taking time to learn this craft finally. (Again thank you Aiden).
I’m a Les Paul guy, I say that as I’ve just sold my vintage Gibson Les Paul to buy Epiphone. They just played better than my Gibson. I promised myself getting better on guitar would about playability and nothing else.
So I’ve now got currently 5 guitars. Fender/Squire telecaster. MIJ 1993.
Takemine ef341sc, Aria FA-80 (best hollow body I’ve ever played, even beat the Gretches) Epiphone 1959 Les Paul, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro, and at present Epiphone Les Paul Prohecy but I’ve just sold it to buy another Epiphone standard Pro. The 2018 pro range despite the clipped ear headstock just have something in my hands.
I’ll be sure and write more but that’s probably enough from me to start.
I’m live in Australia, South Coast New South Wales 40 seconds from the beach. Yep we are an island, and it’s great. Thank you again Aiden and crew for the forum. Stay sunny. G