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Hello G

The paradigm is changing with these modern modelers and plugin-based rigs!
They can be pretty handy on some occasions! I used a helix, for example, for some time, but I got back to my amp setup because in live situations I wouldn’t get that juice tube tones that I was getting with a tube amp and pedals. But the right combination of modeling algorithms and IR’s can get you very close nowadays.

Regarding your tone quest, it’s fantastic to have a Marshall because a dual super lead can also get you very close to the sound you are seeking! Maybe the cherry on top was if you had a non-master volume Marshall and a low watt version. Cause, for example, in the Brown Sugar case, it’s all about those dynamics found on NMV Marshall’s, that extra sensitivity to the input. You would probably nail the tone with a classic PAF humbucker setup and a NMV lower watt Marshall. But I’m sure you can get very close with the DSL40.

Let me know how you get on!