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Response to: Aidan, thanks for your comments. I find that listening to what other people like (in the field of Blues guitar) is the way for me to expand my horizons. I've found SO many guitarists by playing what others suggest – people like the fabulous wildman Eri…

It’s a great approach and for sure one of the best ways to not only expand your blues playlist, but also to develop as a musician.

I do however know exactly what you mean about listening to players who are so skilled that it feels a little intimidating. I’m having a similar experience at the minute listening to Robben Ford’s back catalogue – the way that he fuses blues with elements of jazz is just phenomenal, but it is also extremely complex! 😅

Regarding modern blues guitarists and musicians, do you know Kirk Fletcher? His playing is very pentatonic focused (and so a little easier to digest than Derek Trucks’ perhaps) and he places a lot of emphasis on phrasing and feel. I would recommend checking him out if you haven’t already! 😁