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Hi all – Phil here from San Francisco, California. I wanted to play guitar when I was a sophomore in high school. My buddy told me to get a Strat copy for its versatility and playability, but I wanted to be Randy Rhoads, so I got a Flying V copy, which was so uncomfortable to play. After a few months of lessons (and not practicing what I was supposed to practice), I gave it up.

Fast forward 22 years to when I was between jobs and thought I would have time to play and finally bought a *real* Strat (MIM Player Strat). That work hiatus ended within a month, as did my second attempt to play…

But the Strat stayed by my desk dutifully for 14 years until COVID hit and Fender Play offered 90 days of free online lessons. I picked it up (at age 51) and never looked back. 2 years into this process, I stumbled upon Aidan and the Happy Bluesman website. I still love Ozzy and Randy, but my go-to is British Blues (Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds, Mayall, etc.) and my cowboy chords have come a long way since I began working with Aidan.

Thrilled to be here among like-minded folks and looking forward to the next steps on this guitar journey.