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I swear I wrote a reply already, but looks like I didn’t post it….!

Cheers Aidan, it was the RGT at the London College of Music. I’m not sure about doing more exams, it was a good tool to get out of a rut and learn some more scales and chords but I think I can find more exciting things to learn!

I certainly didn’t see the value in learning when I was younger, but now is definitely a different story, I have to choose how to spend my rapidly disappearing time and I’m choosing to spend it with a guitar.

I am trying to play everything I listen to, I love those twangy country basslines and that rockabilly rhythm, I ‘m hoping to get to the point where I can use those influences to create a style that’s mine, but that’s a little way off, not too far, but I have to learn the rules before I can break them.

I’m currently trying to get the patterns of the minor pentatonic and the blues scale so ingrained in my brain that I can play them and have a conversation with someone and not miss a note, at the same time I’m trying to speed up my alternate bass picking to try and sound like Johnny Cash and trying to get the opening of Need Your Love So Bad to sound the way Greeny played it and also trying to record a Paolo Nutini song for my wife so it’s varied!