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Ahh Matt this is great news! I was just working through the list today and I flagged that song up for many of the reasons you’ve mentioned there 😁 Green’s playing is so subtle and nuanced and he does so much to bring the notes to life. He is such a killer player!

To give you a bit more context, my plan with these solo breakdowns is to structure them roughly as follows:

1.) Introduce the solo and explain the musical context in which it is being played (the chords and tonality of the song etc). Run through who it is suitable for and why

2.) Play through the solo and break it down lick by lick – talking through the techniques being used and why they work

3.) Explain how you can use similar ideas in your own playing – not just the techniques but the actual licks and phrases themselves

4.) Talk through the tone used in the solo and how you can recreate it, based on your rig and setup

Does that sound of interest? And is there anything that you would like to add or remove from what I have suggested above?

Thanks so much!