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I generally run the EQ pedal in the classic smiley face curve. There are two boost selector switches, one for top boost and one for overall boost. They are both excellent little switches that do what they say, but mainly use them for soloing.
The rest of my pedal board is more vintage inspired. I’ve made a rack out of two old skateboard decks and it works pretty well.
Other cool pedals on there are the EHX Black Finger Compressor, which is an excellent pedal that is always on.
Another one is the Ibanez Fuzz Wau pedal. It’s a thick and wooly fuzz and there’s a button to change the style of fuzz too. The wah function is funky.
The other pedals are self explanatory and there’s hours of fun in all of them.
What about everyone else, what pedals are you using?
Maybe we should change the title of this thread to ‘Show Us Your Pedalboard’.