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Hello Mark, Johnny here! 😁

As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing has too many pedals 🤣🤣🤣

In fact they all have their personality and to be honest I currently use more than you in my board. The main reason is that you have different gain levels, different flavours tone wise and the possibility to dial any type of grit you want.

That said, yes an EQ pedal is super handy because you can stack it with any overdrive or distortion pedal and give it an all range of new possibilities.

At this time my favourite boost pedal to stack with other pedals is the Source Audio ZIO because you get 4 modes that really are the archetype of the boosts world! The JFET for tube like clean tones with low distortion, the LOW/CUT that removes excessive low frequencies rumble when boosting, the STUDIO that is based on the Pultek trick used in many studios worldwide and the E-PLEX based on the famous 70’s Echoplex preamp!

So many possibilities with this pedal, superb sound and superb quality.

My advice would be fore you to keep your pedals and consider a ZIO for some extra flexibility, you wont be disappointed. What you can do is look at your overdrives pallet and see if makes sense to swap some for one that gives you more grit or more distortion. This way you can balance things better, and then use the ZIO for, let’s say, duplicating the tone possibilities of each pedal.

ZIO can also be used standalone to give you more trebly tones on any case!

On a side note, if you like Jack White and Gary Clark Jr you may have to consider an octave fuzz too (🤣 sorry), check the Warm Audio Foxy Tone for those growly heavier fuzz tones 😉

Mark don’t let no one fool you, pedals are never too much 🤣🤣🤣

I leave you with the link for this muscle boost and fuzz:
Source Audio ZIO Boost Pedal
Warm Audio Foxy Tone Pedal


Please share any thoughts 😁