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I thought I’d trow my hat in the ring on thus one. Ive been on a blues discovery journey for about 2 years. It started with exploring Joe Bonamassa. Perhaps not the bluest of blues but brilliant. The 1st time I really got Joe B ‘s style was Royal tea album and down the rabbit hole I went. I found listening on Spotify supplied good suggestions. Particularly with the radio option of the artist you llisten too. Probably the greatest joy of discovery was Hound dog Taylor and Savoy Brown. Hound dogs 1st record was break up (amp not romance) blues bliss. As for Savoy Brown. Kim Simmonds. Damn! And modern releases not old. Witchy feelin’ just magic. I cant leave this comment with tipping the hat to the 1st 3 ZZTop records. My tone quest started there! Cheers