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This pedalboard has come together haphazardly. Just home use. Ignore the rats nest of power connectors, I have not gotten a real powerstation yet.

It’s going into a Blackstar 20W amp.


Rockstock Nano Tuner
Mooer FreeStep Volume/Wah
TC Electronics Mini HyperGravity compression
Wampler Velvet Fizz
Blackbird VS pre-amp/drive (Fender Black/Brownface tones)
TS clone
Rat clone
(klon clone switch out for Rat)
Wampler Pantheon OD (bluesbreaker)
(Switch out with Wampler Pinnacle or BOSS BD)
BOSS Noise Suppressor

Effects Loop:

EP Booster
MXR Carbon Copy delay
TC HOF2 reverb
Flamma Modulation
TC Looper

Other pedals not on board

AB to switch between board/Blackstar and Spark practice amp

Spark Controller

Vidami Controller (YouTube/Ultimate Guitar on iPad)