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Hey Aidan!
Yes, I am still going for this vibe but not only. I am trying to cover the spectrum of sound from Blues to Blues Rock and from Blues to Country.
Thanks for your confirmation about American voiced amp but for now, as a start, I have just received a cheap Soldano SLO Mini 30W ( ) and I need to buy a cabinet now. I’ll probably go for the Soldano 212 Classic Vertical Slant that features Celestion Vintage 30 unless you guys recommend the greenbacks as a better choice?

I also need to rearrange my cellar in order to play seriously and to test my pedals in a more effective way. I have also received the Keeley HALO Andy Timmons dual echo that I need to evaluate. Additionally, I have ordered a Shure 30 that I will complete with a Boss VE-8 for my wife and kid to sing country like songs.

I’ll keep you guys posted.