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Hi Sacha,

Nice work for keeping the blues power going when you’re on holiday! 😁

I don’t have a lot of experience using travel guitars, but from my perspective – unless you go for a really expensive option – there is always going to be a fairly heavy compromise with these types of guitar – both with regards to tone and playability. As such, I would recommend going for a cheap and simple option that you don’t mind getting a bit roughed up when travelling πŸ˜…

If it were me – and I didn’t have space to take a proper guitar with me, then I would probably just go for something like this:

Nice and simple and a bit more familiar in terms of its shape and design 😁

In terms of the amp/audio side of things, have you considered something like the following?

It’s a little more compact than the Hughes and Kettner, and if space and also overall budget is a concern, it could make a nice choice. It is also designed to be played with headphones, so could work well with your Marshalls.

Obviously this is not going to be an amazing sounding or playing rig πŸ˜… But it will get the job done and help you keep playing and practicing when you’re away.

Crucially it will help you to do this practically and with gear you don’t mind getting a bit bashed up when you’re at the beach etc.! 😁