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Aidan my man, thank you so much for your kind words. It took me a lot of time to build this board. The main thing is I treat each and every effect pedal as an instrument on its own and go from there to see what do I really need for the type of music and relative tone I’d like to get out of it… The Revival drive is a monster, the best overdrive pedal out there imho. Quite difficult to dial in (took me a year to get the tones I like) but once you’re there, its tone heaven. So its my main drive on the board and as far as the gain stage, the signal goes from the Effectrode Blackbird tube preamp to Rev. drive and then it gets boosted by the Sunset. Very subtle differences that builds the tone I’m after. As for the Cali 76, it’s for the clean and lightly overdriven tones for the sustain as you can see from the settings. Compressors are generally work in a subtle manner and we think they aren’t very effective but the difference in tone is actually huge! The one pedal I use the least in UA Astra modulation pedal as I’m not a fan of modulation effects. Just a little chorus or harmonic tremolo from time to time, that’s it.