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I was lucky to see Albert in a smaller venue at the Edmonton Jazz City Festival in the 80’s. I remember him wandering the aisles with a roadie carrying what seemed to be a mile of cord! I sat next to a guy in physics class at Uni who turned me on to his music, I also learned open D tuning . I have been messing around with Elmore James type stuff ever since, although I do like open G as I can actually sound like I know what I am doing a bit easier, with slide, as well as finger picking. I have tried to emulate some Muddy Waters as well as Wolf’s Little Red Rooster, and just mess around on a beat up 55 year old Suzuki parlour guitar I got as a kid. The 80’s were good musically as I saw Albert and B.B. King, Muddy, Son Seal, Otis Rush as they made their Canadian rounds! One question though, listening to the Strange Brew solos, was Eric influenced by Crosscut Saw? I think I hear bits and pieces of it in his solos