Essential Blues Soloing Workshop

Create blues solos with passion, feeling and intensity. Break out of your rut and push your playing to the next level.

Does any of this sound familiar?

During 20 years of playing the guitar I have experienced these frustrations first hand. I know what it is like to struggle to play the ideas you have in your head. And I know how demotivating this feels.

The good news though, is that breaking out of this rut is easier than you might think. And I have designed this workshop to fix these exact problems.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

How it works

Step 1 – Sign up for the Essential Blues Soloing Workshop by following the link below

Step 2 – Join the workshop live on Sunday October 3rd at 12pm ET / 11am CT / 5pm GMT. The workshop will run for 2 hours.

Step 3 – Receive unlimited email support with any questions you have following the workshop. 

Want more support and feedback?

Select the ‘Workshop + Personalised Video Feedback’ option below. You get everything included above, as well as personalised video feedback on your playing and soloing once you have put the ideas covered in the workshop into practice.

So, if you are ready to take your blues soloing to the next level, get signed up below:

Blues guitar soloing workshop

I am sure that you are going to love this workshop and get a huge amount of value from it. But when you sign up, you are fully protected by a 7 day money back guarantee. So if within the 7 days following the workshop you feel that you haven’t benefited from the concepts and ideas covered, just let me know and I’ll refund you straight away, no questions asked. 


Q: What level is the workshop aimed at? Is it suitable for beginners?

This workshop is aimed at players who understand and are comfortable with the basics of blues soloing, but want to push their soloing and improvising to the next level. As such, it is important that you know how to play the minor pentatonic scale, and can utilise a variety of techniques like bending, sliding, hammer ons and pull offs. 

If you are still getting to grips with these ideas and you would like more detailed coverage on the topic then please do get in touch and I can look into running a separate workshop which covers these ideas in more detail.

Q: How do I join the workshop?

The workshop is online and run via Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, you can download it for free here. Details for joining the workshop will be sent out shortly before it begins on the day.

Q: I am not available on 3rd October, but would still like to join, what can I do?

The workshop will be filmed and will be accompanied by a presentation and various resources. Everyone who signs up to the workshop will receive the recording and resources following the session. So if you are not available but would like to work through the material, you can join and watch the workshop whenever it works best for you. 

Q: How does the personalised video feedback work?

If you have opted to receive personalised feedback, then following the workshop you will receive a link via email to upload a short video of your playing. You do not need to download any software to upload your video; you can just use the webcam on your computer or the camera on your phone.

You will then receive detailed and personalised feedback on your playing within a couple of days.

If you have any more specific questions that I can help with, please do let me know. You can reach me on [email protected] and I am always around and happy to help 😁