About me

I’m Aidan – the Happy Bluesman

I started The Happy Bluesman a little less than 3 years ago. I was working in an intense and stressful sales job in London, U.K. where I was regularly clocking in 60 hour working weeks, and was on call and contactable by clients, 7 days a week.


During this time – as has been the case since I started playing the guitar almost 20 years ago -I turned to the instrument to help me relax and to focus on something other than work.


In fact, 3 years ago I found myself more intent to learn and improve as a player than ever before. I wanted to use what little free time I had in a meaningful and fulfilling way.


And yet whilst I was practicing and playing diligently, I found it difficult to make progress. I struggled to find the right guitar teacher, and I was disappointed by the quality of the information I found online.

I love everything about the blues. Simple and pure in form, it beautifully captures the breadth of human emotion and experience.

The articles I read and videos I watched never gave me the level of detail I needed to push on as a player. They always seemed to just skim the surface of the topic I was trying to understand. Not only this, but they were very rarely focused on the blues – my biggest passion.


I love everything about the blues. Simple and pure in form, it beautifully captures the breadth of human emotion and experience. To play the blues is to express these emotions in a meaningful and pure way.


Listening to the blues, and playing blues guitar has amplified the joy of my happiest moments, and has provided me comfort in those moments that have been more challenging. The blues has remained one of the only constants in my life, and it has enriched it immensely.

3 years ago, all I wanted was material that would help me to improve as a blues guitarist. I couldn’t find anything – so I started The Happy Bluesman.

I have since dedicated myself to the blues. I have learnt – and continue to learn – everything that I can to improve as a blues guitarist and musician. And thankfully, with the kind support and feedback from amazing bluesmen and women like you, I am now a full time Bluesman.


I want to share my learnings and experience here, and make The Happy Bluesman an amazing resource for blues guitarists and enthusiasts.


I know how challenging it is to balance guitar playing alongside family, work and all of your other responsibilities. And if you are like me, you want to make the most of your limited practice time. You don’t want to waste your time scouring the internet trying to find resources, with hit and miss results. You’d rather spend your time playing, learning and improving.


I truly hope that The Happy Bluesman helps you in your guitar playing endeavours.


Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it.