The Blues Club

6 months from now, you could be playing blues guitar like you never thought possible

This is how you can finally banish your frustration, start nailing your blues heroes’ solos, and even impress other guitarists with your improvisations…

All by following the forgotten lessons of the blues masters…

Fellow blues lover,

These lessons are the language of blues guitar.

Clapton… SRV… Albert King… B.B. King… Hendrix…

All the blues masters knew them.

But now, going by the number of guitarists out there struggling to get better at blues guitar…

It seems most people have forgotten just how important these lessons are.

Trying to play blues guitar properly without these lessons is like trying to speak a language you don’t know…


But the good news is there’s still a way you can learn them — I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

Because if you get them under your belt — which pretty much anyone can do — they’re where 80% of your progress will come from.

And you won’t even have to practice any more than what you’re doing now (maybe less, even).

Get them under your belt, and in just 6 months time, you could be playing blues guitar better than you ever thought possible…

And finally making your blues guitar goals happen.

But before I can tell you more about them, first I need to explain how I discovered them.

My name’s Aidan, although you might know me better as the Happy Bluesman.

Today, I can happily pick up a guitar and improvise a killer blues solo without any difficulty.

I can play my favourite solos from my blues heroes, even some super-fast ones that seemed impossible when I first started playing guitar.

And most importantly, I enjoy my guitar playing time immensely.

But this wasn’t always the case.

Years ago, before I started Happy Bluesman, I was working 60 hour weeks, managing a sales team for a tech startup in London, UK.

It was exhausting and stressful, and playing blues guitar was how I would ‘disconnect’ from work when I was at home.

But I often found myself playing the same tired licks when I improvised, and I knew hardly any of the classic blues solos.

I wasn’t happy with my playing, and it would often cause me frustration instead of relaxation.

I wanted to get better, but I didn’t have an expensive music education to guide me.

So I turned to the learning tools I found online to try to teach myself.

YouTube videos, free articles… I even checked out some paid courses and online guitar teachers.

At first, it seemed like they were teaching me what I needed.

But I was still barely making any progress, and even worse…

I was getting more and more frustrated, and less and less motivated as time went on.

For a while, I thought I was the problem, that maybe I was too slow, or that I just wasn’t ‘musical’ enough.

But then one evening, I was watching an old SRV concert on YouTube, and paying close attention to his left hand…

I started noticing patterns in his playing.

These were fretboard shapes that he would always gravitate towards…

And certain techniques that he was building most of his licks upon.

I spent some time transcribing these, and then I watched Clapton, and saw them in his playing, too.

In fact, I found these patterns in the playing of all the blues masters.

SRV… Clapton… Albert King… B.B. King… Hendrix…

They all used them.

No one had taught me any of these shapes or techniques, even though they were pretty straightforward.

But once I got to grips with them – observing not just the patterns, but also how and when the blues masters used them…

I started using them in my own playing…

And without having to practice any more than before (which was good, because I also had family commitments to consider)…

In just a few months, my blues playing improved dramatically, and soon after…

I was loving playing guitar again, and my guitar time finally started giving me the release I needed after work.

And as I realised, it was all because I had finally learnt the language of blues guitar.

The reason you’re not making the progress you want.

Looking back and knowing just how quickly learning these shapes and techniques — the blues masters’ forgotten lessons — transformed my blues playing…

It seems stupid to me that virtually nowhere teaches them.

Not being taught them is why I made no progress with the learning tools I was using, and I’d bet it’s the same for you, too.

But most learning tools skip them in favour of irrelevant concepts that won’t actually help you get better at blues guitar.

Even the popular and expensive tools do this — I know, because I’ve seen it myself.

And because of all the time you’ll waste trying to learn these pointless lessons…

Not only will they not help you make progress…

You’ll probably also come away feeling frustrated and de-motivated, just like I did.

But learn the blues masters’ forgotten lessons and you could make incredible progress while doing the same, or even less practice…

Because these lessons are what will actually make you a better blues guitarist.

I could tell you exactly which shapes and which techniques make up these lessons right now.

And maybe you would go off and learn the notes of the shapes, and practice the techniques in isolation.

But not only would that not help you make progress…

It would probably just slow you down even more.

Because it’s not just learning the notes that will make you a great blues guitarist.

You have to learn how and when to use them.

And I want to help you do that.

Because if you do, in just 6 months time, you could be playing blues guitar like this:

6 months from now, this could be you…

It’s a Tuesday evening, and you’re eating dinner. Work was long, and it’s still on your mind now.

But it won’t be for much longer, because afterwards, with an hour to yourself, you’ll be playing guitar.

Later, you smile as you pick up your Strat, plug in the cable, and switch on your amp.

You hear the solid click of the power switch and the open strings ringing through the speaker, and instantly know that your evening is about to get a lot better.

You sit down and warm up for a few minutes. Just holding the guitar and feeling its weight feels good.

Now ready to start playing, you cue up a fast Texas blues backing track and press play.

The intro passes, and you start soloing. Your hands move without much thought as searing Texas blues licks come out from your amp.

Your licks flow one into the next like it’s nothing. They’re expressive and exciting, reminiscent of SRV and Albert King, with a bit of Clapton in there, too.

But really, you’re starting to find your own personal style, and half of the licks you’re playing are ones you’ve never even played before.

Just a couple of minutes in and you stop thinking about work, because you’re completely in the moment, engrossed by the music coming out of your fingers.

Later, you put on a backing track for Cream’s Strange Brew and play along from the beginning.

It only took you a few weeks to learn the song, and now you’re playing the riffs and the call-and-response licks between the vocals perfectly.

And then you get to the solo, which you launch into without any hesitation, and nail it.

The song ends, and you sit for a moment, smiling and feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished, despite 6 months ago thinking you would never be able to play nearly this well.

And this is just Tuesday.

Tomorrow, you’ll be playing at a blues jam night.

It won’t be your first time, though.

No, for the last few months, you’ve been to every one of these jam nights.

You always get up to play at least once a night, and you’ve even made friends there.

Last week, a solo you improvised got you an applause, and afterwards a couple of the other guys asked you how you learned to play like that.

You told them it wasn’t that difficult…

That you just had to get to grips with a few simple lessons that the blues masters all knew, but which most people have forgotten.

They didn’t know which lessons you were talking about.

You smiled, and told them where you learned them…

Inside a little-known online community for blues guitarists…

Introducing The Blues Club

After I finally got to where I wanted to be with my blues playing, I knew there had to be a better way for guitarists to reach their blues guitar goals.

I knew first hand that the tools available weren’t up to the job…

But I wanted to change that, so I decided to start an online community for blues guitarists…

A one-stop-shop where guitarists of any playing level could come and learn the blues masters’ forgotten lessons, and finally start making the blues guitar progress they deserved.

I called my online community The Blues Club, because everything inside is 100% blues guitar.

The Blues Club is for you if the learning tools you’ve used in the past have left you frustrated and demotivated…

But you still wish you could pick up a guitar and nail the solos of your blues heroes…

And even improvise killer blues solos, at home, or at jam nights or in a local blues band.

Join The Blues Club and in 6 months time, you could be playing blues guitar better than you ever thought possible…

And finally making your blues guitar goals happen, no matter what they are.

Why am I so sure?

Like I said earlier, my name’s Aidan.

Aside from playing guitar for nearly 20 years, and living and breathing blues guitar…

Over the last few years, I’ve given 1-2-1 blues guitar lessons to hundreds of guitarists around the world, and seen how the lessons I teach can give guitarists real results and fast.


I’ve written articles about blues guitar which have been read by nearly 2 million people — a couple even went viral.

And very recently, I’ve even started doing some guitar coaching with megastar guitar YouTuber Paul Davids —yes, the Paul Davids (for a project so new that hardly anyone knows about it yet).

But most importantly, inside The Blues Club, I’ve helped hundreds of guitarists get closer to their blues guitar goals than they ever thought possible:

“I haven’t progressed this much in 10 years of playing. All of this is thanks to your courses. I’m not losing my time with other concepts and I’m putting my energy into things I really want to learn"
Izmir, Turkey
“I spent years dabbling with the guitar and making little progress. Then a year ago I discovered the Blues Club and it has become an essential resource. The depth and breadth of the courses are unmatched.”
Portland, Oregon
“I struggled for years trying to understand blues guitar and gear until I found The Blues Club. It will help you find your path to success in the blues!"
Zurich, Switzerland
“I am so happy that I found the Blues Club. Aidan is a great teacher and the level of detail in the courses is brilliant - they have really helped me master the blues fundamentals!'
Chapin, South Carolina

These are just some of the hundreds of guitarists I’ve helped make real progress towards their blues guitar goals inside The Blues Club.

But by now you’re probably wondering what I’m doing to make this happen?

What makes The Blues Club different from everything else out there?

A lot of the guitarists who join The Blues Club join after making next-to-no progress with other learning tools.

They’re frustrated, overwhelmed by all the choices out there, and want nothing more than to start making progress towards their blues guitar goals again.

And that’s what The Blues Club helps them do, because I created it specifically as a solution to all the problems guitarists have with these other tools.

Or in other words…

The features you’ll find inside The Blues Club are ones you won’t find anywhere else.

I know this because I’ve checked, and guitarists regularly tell me this when they join, too.

For starters, inside The Blues Club, you will learn…

The blues master’s forgotten lessons

Inside The Blues Club, I’ll teach you not just the notes of the shapes and techniques that all the blues masters used…

But most importantly… how and when to use them in your playing.

After that, because you’ll finally have learnt the language of blues guitar…

You’ll be able to easily learn your blues heroes’ songs and solos…

Craft your own blues solos and actually like what you play…

And finally feel confident and happy with your blues playing.

But that’s not all.

Learn more than just the notes

Inside The Blues Club, I’ll also teach you classic blues songs and solos.

But unlike other learning tools, I take this one step further.

I won’t just teach you which notes to play…

I’ll also explain to you the key, scales, and chords of the song, so you actually understand what you’re playing.

I’ll show you how to set up your gear to get an appropriate tone for each song and solo.

And I’ll even teach you how to craft your own improvised solos for each song, which you’ll be able to play over the backing tracks I provide…

Giving you the skills and confidence to go out to a jam night or band practice and play your own solos when you cover these songs…

And experience what your blues heroes did every time they played with a band.

A better way to learn

I know how frustrating it can be to start a new guitar course, only to find that the teacher skims over important details, or rushes through everything.

But you’re not too slow to learn.

Most other learning tools just don’t teach you properly.

But inside The Blues Club, I teach everything using “granular learning”.

I break down every song, solo, technique, theory concept, and scale, into easily digestible pieces, and teach at a pace that anyone can follow.

So for any solo, for example, I break it down into individual phrases, each getting its own video with close-ups of what I’m playing, an in-depth write up and tabs.

Never get lost, never feel rushed, and never feel like you’re too slow.

Plus I approach every topic from multiple angles to ensure you’re able to understand everything completely.

Here is what some of the members have to say:

"The content is spectacular. Best of all is the direct and succinct instruction which is structured in digestible snap shots. I’m stoked to say I joined and continue to gain the knowledge I need to be a better guitarist.”
Sydney, Australia
“The content is the highest quality I have seen - granular detail but easy to read and follow. The Blues Club is also great value. If you want to learn about and play the blues then you should hang out here!”
Macon, Georgia
“My playing has stepped up to the next level since I joined the Blues Club. I really enjoy the mix of short ‘quick win’ lessons and longer courses. The video lessons are high quality and cover a variety of areas.”
Austin, Texas

Quality above everything else

Go onto YouTube and search “blues guitar lesson” and you’ll find probably thousands of videos.

Most will be low-quality.

Or sign up for one of the popular subscription services, and you might have access to as many as 80,000 video lessons.

It’s inevitable that with so many videos, the quality will suffer, and you’ll end up overwhelmed by all the choices.

But inside The Blues Club, above all else, I focus on giving you quality courses that will actually help you make progress.

But that doesn’t mean there are only a handful of courses.

At the time of writing this, inside The Blues Club you’ll find 24 full-length courses, plus my ‘Quick Wins’ series.

And I’m typically adding a new ‘Quick Win’ video every week, and a new full-length course every month.

You’ll never feel overwhelmed by having to choose from hundreds or thousands of low-quality courses.

And unlike other services, everything inside The Blues Club is 100% about helping you become a better blues guitarist.

All the courses you’ll find inside The Blues Club:

  • 5 Techniques To Spice Up Your Blues Guitar Solos

  • 5 Ways To Create A Killer Guitar Solo

  • An Introduction To Intervals

  • An Introduction To The Blues Scale

  • An Introduction To The Major Pentatonic Scale

  • An Introduction To The Minor Pentatonic Scale

  • Creating Solos With The Major Pentatonic Scale

  • Understanding Chords & Chord Progressions

  • Creating Solos With The Minor Pentatonic Scale

  • Getting Started With The Modes

  • Hey Joe Solo Sessions

  • How To Connect The 5 Pentatonic Shapes

  • Mini Solos

  • Need Your Love So Bad Solo Sessions

  • Quick Wins

  • The Ultimate Guide To Vibrato

  • Wonderful Tonight Solo Sessions
  • Solos Of The Blues Greats

  • Strange Brew Solo Sessions

  • The Albert King Box – An Ultimate Guide

  • The Essentials Of Fretboard Navigation – Part I

  • The Essentials Of Fretboard Navigation – Part II

  • The Major Scale & Why It Matters

  • The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part I

  • The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part II

And I’m always here to help

Unlike other services, which will simply take your money and then leave you to figure it all out by yourself…

I’m always available to answer any questions inside The Blues Club’s forum — The Blues Café.

If you’re new to The Blues Club, I can give advice on where to start based on your current playing level and goals.

I’ll give you advice on the best gear to use to sound like your blues heroes.

If you’re finding anything confusing, I can help there, too.

Or just come and nerd-out about guitar gear and blues music with other blues guitarists in a friendly and completely non-judgemental place.

Everyone is welcome inside The Blues Café.

And you can even send me a private message instead if you don’t feel like posting your question in the forum.

Effectively, you’re getting the best of both worlds here:

Use the courses to learn at your own pace…

But also get your questions answered by an experienced blues guitar teacher who actually cares about your progress.

“Aidan is wonderful and has created a great platform in the Blues Club. He cares about you and wants you to become the musician you so badly want to be. Go join the Blues Club and you will see what I mean!”
Helsinki, Finland
“Super inspiring content from the most genuine guy. Aidan’s passion for the blues and love of guitar makes it a joy to keep learning from him.”
Warwick, UK

How much is reaching your blues guitar goals worth to you?

In the past, I sold the courses available inside The Blues Club individually.

I priced one of them at just $9.99, another I sold for $67.99, but most were on sale for $34.99 — and people bought them.

If you wanted to buy all 25 courses, it would have cost you a whopping $875.75, a price too high for most people.

But then I decided to offer access to ALL the courses for a price anyone would consider fair.

So sign up to The Blues Club today, and you’ll pay not $400… $200… or even $50…

But just $27.99 a month.

My 1-2-1 coaching students are paying $300 a month, so compared to them, you would be saving over $270 every month.

And considering all the high-quality courses available inside, and the prices people have paid for them individually in the past…

Plus the added benefit of having your questions answered by me inside The Blues Café or via private message… something I could charge a lot more for…

I’m sure you would agree that $27.99 is a steal.

But even better… sign up for a yearly subscription plan and I’ll give you three months completely free

You’ll pay just $249.99 for a full year, every year.

And to make this decision even easier for you, you’ll be covered by my 30-day money back guarantee.

Simply start a subscription, and if you decide in the first 30 days that The Blues Club isn’t for you…

You’ll be free to cancel your subscription and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

So really, you have nothing to lose by trying out a Blues Club subscription.

The road to your blues guitar goals starts here.

The sad reality is that people can waste sometimes decades jumping from course to course… 

But never making any real progress towards becoming the blues guitarist they want to be.

I’ve known plenty of guitarists like this.

But I don’t want this to be you.

I want you to find relaxation and joy in your blues playing.

I want you to feel proud every time you play a solo.

And most of all, I want you to become the blues guitarist that you want to be.

None of these are impossible for you to reach.

Just don’t waste any more time.

All you have to do is click the button below and join The Blue Club.

It really is that simple.

Monthly Membership


(USD) /every month


Annual Membership


(USD) / year

I’m confident that inside The Blues Club, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to be able to make this happen for you.

But just to recap, this is what you’ll get:

  • 25 high-quality blues guitar courses on the blues fundamentals and techniques — the forgotten lessons — PLUS classic blues songs and solos, and blues music theory, with new courses being added regularly

  • Learn successfully and make your practice time count thanks to “granular learning”

  • Get all your questions answered by an experienced blues guitar teacher who actually cares about your progress, inside The Blues Café

And if you’re wondering whether The Blues Club is suitable for your current level of playing…

As long as you know a few basic chords, and you can find notes on the fretboard by their fret number, the material inside The Blues Club will work for you.

Hundreds of guitarists around the world are already using their Blues Club subscriptions to make real progress towards their blues guitar goals.

It’s up to you whether you want to be one of them.

I look forward to meeting you inside,


Aidan, The Happy Bluesman

Monthly Membership


(USD) /every month


Annual Membership


(USD) / year

P.s. At present, the courses inside The Blues Club focus on teaching electric blues guitar only, so if you’re only looking to learn delta blues guitar (i.e. Robert Johnson-style), this probably isn’t the service for you. But stay subscribed to my email newsletter and I’ll let you know if I ever add any delta blues courses.