Blues Improvisation For Beginners

Join this live masterclass and learn how to craft beautiful blues guitar solos in the style of your heroes. Stop repeating the same old tired licks and start creating varied and interesting solos full of bluesy feeling.

Craft beautiful blues solos in the style of your guitar heroes

Knowing how to craft a killer blues guitar solo is difficult. In fact, knowing how to even get started can be a challenge:

Should you learn lots of scales? Maybe learning songs is a better choice? Or perhaps you need to learn a load of different licks?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions – or if you’ve dreamt of improvising like your blues guitar heroes but found yourself repeating the same two licks in the first shape of the minor pentatonic scale, this is the masterclass for you.

You will finally rid yourself of the frustration and sense of overwhelm that is holding you back.

Instead, you will learn exactly what your blues guitar heroes are doing, and how you can apply the same concepts in a simple and straightforward way in your own solos. 

What you will learn:

Step 1

To begin with, we’ll break down the key components of what actually makes an effective blues guitar solo, and the common elements that you will find in all of the solos of your blues guitar heroes

Step 2

After this, we’ll cover the key mistakes you are making which are robbing you of precious practice time and stopping you from improvising effectively

Step 3

Next, we’ll strip away all of the confusion and distraction, and look at simple soloing frameworks that you can replicate all over the fretboard and in different keys and musical contexts 

Step 4

With an effective soloing framework in place, we can now push our improvisations on with beautiful connecting ideas that will give your solos a beautiful vocal and expressive quality

Step 5

Understand how your blues guitar heroes use technique to craft beautiful and expressive blues guitar solos. Understand what it looks like to play with a high density of technique and how you can apply this in your solos

Step 6

Next up, we’ll look at how you can build upon these ideas to keep pushing your playing to the next level. We’ll also cover a number of practice exercises you can add into your routine to keep developing your skills

Step 7

Finally, there will be an interactive section where we’ll cover any questions you might have about the material or about blues guitar soloing and improvisation

Stop spinning your wheels.
Start crafting beautiful blues guitar solos today.

Join the masterclass on June 9th (10am EST)



How I can help you:

I have spent thousands of hours teaching blues guitarists all over the world how to solo with confidence. By the end of the masterclass, I promise you will:

Success stories

What blues guitarists all over the world have learnt with the Happy Bluesman:

“Super inspiring content from the most genuine guy. Aidan’s passion for the blues and love of guitar makes it a joy to keep learning from him”

Alex - Warwick, UK

This website is blowing my mind. I really dig what you are giving the world and you got me hooked – I have to take all of your courses now!

Michael - Key West, Florida

“I struggled for years trying to understand blues guitar and gear until I found The Blues Club. It will help you find your path to success in the blues! 

Sacha - Zurich, Switzerland

How it works:

Step 1

Head to this page here to secure your place at the masterclass, which will be running live for around 2 hours between 10am-12pm EST. 

If you can’t make it on the day, but still want to learn what will be covered, don’t worry – it will be recorded and you can access it and watch it whenever you want!

Step 2

Prior to the day, you’ll receive all of the details on how to join the call. It will be run on Zoom – which you can download for free here

Grab your guitar, a notebook and your beverage of choice, and get ready to craft killer blues guitar solos 😁

Step 3

Following the masterclass, you’ll get all of the resources that you need to keep pushing your playing onto the next level. 

This includes the recording of the masterclass, tabs for licks that you can use, diagrams illustrating the key concepts and backing tracks for you to practice over

Step 4

If you apply these ideas in your playing, you are going to make the fastest progress of your blues guitar playing career. 

You’ll be able to craft beautiful blues solos with consistency, and will stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when you come to improvise.

Step 5

If you have any questions, just head to the forum and ask away! I am always around and happy to help, to ensure you continue to make the progress you deserve

Sunday 9th June – 10am EST

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What people are saying

Start making the progress you deserve and learn to play like your blues guitar heroes.

Masterclass bonuses:

Here are the amazing freebies included when you join the masterclass. These will keep the inspiration flowing and help you keep making fast and consistent progress.

Bonus #1:
'How To Connect The Pentatonic Shapes'

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your soloing is to learn how to navigate across the fretboard with confidence.

In this full length video course, you will learn how to connect the pentatonic shapes and create beautiful licks that move you all over your guitar.

Bonus #2:
'Essential Blues Scales' Ebook

If you want to craft beautiful blues guitar solos, you need to feel confident with a number of key scales.

In this Ebook, you’ll find diagrams for all of the key scales you need in the blues, presented with fingerings in 7 different keys.

You’ll also learn the key pieces of theory you need to understand these scales and how they work.

Finally, you’ll find examples of songs where you can hear each scale being used by your blues guitar heroes.

Bonus #3:
Unlimited Support

You’ll get access to a private forum where you can ask me questions and connect with an amazing community of blues guitarists all over the world.

You don’t need to go scouring the internet for answers to your questions, just send them over and I’ll get back to you right away.

Bonus #4:
Full length backing tracks

You’ll receive a full suite of backing tracks in different keys and styles over which you can practice these ideas.

This will help to keep your practice varied and interesting, and develop your skills as a musician.

30 day money back guarantee

If you attend the masterclass and you don’t come away from it with knowledge that you can immediately and effectively apply in your playing, I’ll give you all of your money back.

I have coached hundreds of players using these principles with amazing results. I have no doubt you will get the same crazy results, but if you don’t, then you will get all of your money back.

No questions asked, and no risk for you.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, just book in for a call in the link above and we can chat things through in more detail 😁

The masterclass is designed for players in the earlier stages of improvisation.

If you know how to play a couple of shapes of the minor pentatonic scale, but you don’t know how to use those to create beautiful blues solo, is the workshop for you!

It would be brilliant if you are able to learn and memorise at least the first 2 shapes of the minor pentatonic scale in the key of A.

This will help you to get a lot more from the masterclass and make it much more beneficial for you.

Yes absolutely! The workshop will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to it and all of the supporting materials included. 

The masterclass will run for 2 hours. It will start at 10am EST, and run until around midday EST on Sunday 9th June.

The masterclass will be run over Zoom.

You can easily download this for free on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone by heading here – https://zoom.us/

Nearer to the 9th, you will receive details of the call to join and all you need to do is follow those on the day!

Don’t worry – I will be doing most of the talking!

At the end of the workshop there will be a chance for you to ask questions, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and you can watch without your camera connected.

You will have lifetime access to the recording of the masterclass, as well as to all of the supporting materials included in the masterclass.

Sunday 9th June – 10am EST

Join the Masterclass



“I first learned a blues progression 60 years ago and you’ve done more for my playing than anything in all that time!”

Mike - Shoreham, Vermont

“I am so grateful to you and the courses you’ve created in The Blues Club. I cannot thank you enough! ”

Gary - Newark, Ohio

The insight Aidan has provided has been incredibly helpful and opened up so many possibilities for me and my guitar playing

Tyler - Ontario, Canada

I'm Aidan - The Happy Bluesman

I’ve played guitar for over 20 years and have coached hundreds of blues guitarists all over the world with amazing results.

I am passionate about blues guitar and about helping simplify the process for others, to help them start getting the results they deserve.