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The Challenge

In my opinion, learning how to connect the 5 pentatonic shapes across your fretboard is one of the best ways to improve your lead guitar playing. It will help you to improvise freely, to create interesting blues guitar solos and to navigate comfortably across the entire neck of your guitar.

Learning the connections between the 5 pentatonic shapes will allow you to break out of patterns and areas of your fretboard where you feel stuck. And this in turn will reduce the likelihood of your solos sounding repetitive and potentially uninteresting.

So if you feel confident playing the shapes of the minor pentatonic scale, but you don’t yet feel so confident using them in a practical context, then the information laid out in this course will do a lot to improve your confidence. By the end of this course you will know and appreciate:

  • The structure of the minor pentatonic scale, and how you can use it to develop connections across your fretboard

  • How to establish key areas of the fretboard that you can target in your solos without becoming overwhelmed by all of the different scale shapes

  • How to move laterally between the 5 pentatonic shapes

This will allow you to connect the shapes of the pentatonic scale and move between them in a smooth and musical way. And this will help you to craft more interesting guitar solos and improvise more confidently and freely.

So with that in mind, let’s get into it! Head over to the next lesson to start learning some of the key ways you can connect the 5 pentatonic shapes across your fretboard.