The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part II

The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part II

Learn advanced bending techniques that will add colour and spice to your solos


The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part II

Bending is a technique of fundamental importance in the blues. It helps you to break out of the rigid structure of the fretboard and target all of the micro tone that exist between your frets. 

In this way you can use your guitar to mimic the human voice and create a vocal and expressive feel in your playing.

In the second part of this Ultimate Guide, we will be building on the fundamentals to look at a number of more advanced bending techniques. These will help you to create variety in your licks and craft  interesting and engaging improvisations.

So if you are looking to develop your bending technique and add new ideas into your repertoire, this is the course for you!

What you will learn:


To kick things off we will briefly explore some of the ways that we will be developing your bending technique throughout this course


Pre-bends are one of the most effective but under utilised bending techniques. Learn how you can use them to add expression to your solos in a slow and more mellow blues context


Here we will move to the other end of the bending spectrum to study unison bends, and how you can use them to add aggression and bite to your improvisations


Learn how you can add individual notes alongside your bends to add either a country or rock vibe to your blues guitar solos


In this lesson you will learn how to craft multiple pitch bends in the style of guitarists like Albert King and David Gilmour


Add tap bends to your repertoire and create a flowing and liquid feel perfect for slow and expressive blues guitar solos


Get aggressive and add bite and power to your solos by targeting bends that hit multiple strings in the style of guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan


Combine bends with a variety of techniques like slides, hammer ons and pull offs, to create interesting licks that effortless flow across the fretboard

What you will find inside this course:

Inside all of the courses in the Blues Club you will find:

“I first learned a blues progression 60 years ago and you’ve done more for my playing than anything in all that time!”

Mike - Shoreham, Vermont

“I am so grateful to you and the courses you’ve created in The Blues Club. I cannot thank you enough! ”

Gary - Newark, Ohio

The insight Aidan has provided has been incredibly helpful and opened up so many possibilities for me and my guitar playing

Tyler - Ontario, Canada

My story

I have played guitar for over 20 years and have loved blues music for almost just as long.

5 years ago – after getting complacent with my practice and playing – I decided I wanted to push on and develop as a guitarist.

I couldn’t find the detailed, blues focused resources that I wanted to learn from online, so I created the Happy Bluesman.

I have since gone on to work with hundreds of blues guitarists all over the world through the Blues Club and 1-2-1 coaching. 

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