Wonderful Tonight Solo Sessions

Wonderful Tonight Solo Sessions

Learn how to play the lead parts in ‘Wonderful Tonight’, and to improvise in the style of Eric Clapton


Wonderful Tonight Solo Sessions

Learning the solos of your favourite players is one of the best ways of developing your musical repertoire.

It will help you to build a vocabulary of ‘go-to’ licks that you can use in your solos and improvisations, and develop your lead guitar technique.

In this course we will do a deep dive into the beautiful playing style of Eric Clapton in his blues pop ballad ‘Wonderful Tonight’. 

This will help you to learn a variety of nuanced lead guitar techniques, and to appreciate how to solo over a delicate major chord progression.

What you will learn:


In this first lesson we will look at the history of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and how studying this song will help your blues guitar playing


Here we will cover the key, chord progression and scales used in the song. This will help you appreciate what Clapton is doing and set you up to improvise over the track


Eric Clapton creates a sweet and warm blues tone in the track. Study the gear Clapton used, and how you can recreate similar tones to suit your budget and setup


In this lesson we will get started on the intro solo and look at the complexities and nuances in Clapton’s approach which make it so effective


Here we will look at the second part of the intro solo, and piece it together with the first to get it finished off


Here we will look at the outro solo that Clapton plays in the song, and the subtle changes he introduces to the main motif he plays throughout Wonderful Tonight


In this lesson we will cover some of the interesting alterations that Clapton makes to the song in live performances, and how you can target similar variations in your own playing


In the final lesson of this course, we will look at improvisational approaches over Wonderful Tonight, and how you can solo in the style of Eric Clapton

What you will find inside this course:

Inside all of the courses you will find:

“I first learned a blues progression 60 years ago and you’ve done more for my playing than anything in all that time!”

Mike - Shoreham, Vermont

“I am so grateful to you and the courses you’ve created in The Blues Club. I cannot thank you enough! ”

Gary - Newark, Ohio

The insight Aidan has provided has been incredibly helpful and opened up so many possibilities for me and my guitar playing

Tyler - Ontario, Canada

My story

I have played guitar for over 20 years and have loved blues music for just as long.

5 years ago – after getting complacent with my practice and playing, I decided I wanted to push on with my playing.

I started to document my journey and share tips on gear, practice and playing.

To my joy, that helped to turn me into a full time Bluesman.

I have since gone on to work with hundreds of blues guitarists all over the world through the Blues Club and 1-2-1 coaching. 

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