The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part I

The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part I

Learn the fundamentals of string bending as well as a range of different bending techniques


The Ultimate Guide To Bending – Part I

Bending is a fundamental technique you need to learn if you want to play lead blues guitar.

It is a technique that you can hear in the vast majority of famous blues guitar solos.

Listen to any of the lead playing of the blues greats, and you will hear them bending extensively. 

In the first half of this ‘Ultimate Guide’ to bending, we will cover the fundamentals of bending. 

You will understand exactly what string bending is, appreciate the different pitches of bends commonly used in the blues and learn a variety of ways you can vary your bending to create more interesting solos and get more mileage from your playing.

This will instantly improve the quality of your lead guitar playing and give it a distinctly bluesy and vocal feel.

What you will learn:


To begin with, we will establish what bending is and why it plays such a fundamental part in lead blues guitar


In this lesson you will learn how to bend to pitch and to target some of the most common bends used in the blues


Following on from the previous lesson, we will extend this idea to the minor pentatonic scale and study how you can bend effectively within the scale


Here we will look at some of the technical elements of bending, and the hand and finger positions you need to bend confidently and consistently


Now that you are bending with confidence in the minor pentatonic scale, we can look at how to start altering your bends to get more mileage from the technique. We will begin here with the ‘journey of the bend’


In this lesson we will continue looking at ways you can alter your bends to get more mileage from the technique. Here we will look at how you can create very different feels in your playing by altering the speed of your bends


In this final lesson, we will recap all of the concepts covered throughout and discuss some of the various ways that you can effectively consolidate this information in your playing

What you will find inside this course:

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“I first learned a blues progression 60 years ago and you’ve done more for my playing than anything in all that time!”

Mike - Shoreham, Vermont

“I am so grateful to you and the courses you’ve created in The Blues Club. I cannot thank you enough! ”

Gary - Newark, Ohio

The insight Aidan has provided has been incredibly helpful and opened up so many possibilities for me and my guitar playing

Tyler - Ontario, Canada

My story

I have played guitar for over 20 years and have loved blues music for almost just as long.

5 years ago – after getting complacent with my practice and playing – I decided I wanted to push on and develop as a guitarist.

I couldn’t find the detailed, blues focused resources that I wanted to learn from online, so I created the Happy Bluesman.

I have since gone on to work with hundreds of blues guitarists all over the world through the Blues Club and 1-2-1 coaching. 

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